A Foster

Newquay Airport

A very enjoyable course presented by a trainer who was clear and articulate and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the subject matter. I would certainly recommend it to others.


N. Jones

Director., Capital Fire

I am a trainer too, with qualifications in training, I can say that this trainer today was excellent. first class course, high quality training.


J Farrington

North West Kent College

Very good delivery of the subject and easy to understand the objectives and tasks required.


A Barton-Rumbold

Rockford Components Ltd

Very informative day which was explained in an ‘easy to understand’ way. Lots of practical undertaken. Trainer for the day very approachable with a wealth of experience and knowledge.Thank you.


P Taylor

Top Hat

Very clear and concise trainer. He has the ability to get the subject across well.


S. Gaskell, Kelloggs

A very good course, I learnt a lot from it. The trainer was very good and worked at a good pace. I would recommend i


S McAloon

Bishop Barrington School

I had very little knowledge of electrical appliances , amps ,plugs . . . etc but after this course i understand far more for being on it and i would like to thank you for this. well done, excellent.


M Scott

Sheild Environmental Services

Apart from being very informative, it was a very enjoyable course, I can’t say that very often. I can’t really think of a negative to say about the course, or any thoughts as to how it could be improved. Thanks!


Priestly, VAX

This course is going to be a massive help for myself and VAX as a company.


Mark Wakefield

Very well presented course by Ian. Hope you like the smiley toaster. new way of doing the theory test was excellent.